Swimming Pool Calcium Plus Calcium Chloride (CC001)

  • Swimming Pool Calcium Plus Calcium Chloride (CC001)
  • Swimming Pool Calcium Plus Calcium Chloride (CC001)
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  • <>(CC001)
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  • US $ 1300-1800 / Ton
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Imported from South Korean, the high and low voltage protection decreases the failure of the machine to 0. The effluent water is up to national purified water standard. All of the parts are integrated to one so that it is convenient to install and transport. Its structure is reasonable, and appearance is generous. Main components: RO membrane (United States), high pressure pump (Denmark Gelanfu), conductivity (Taiwan, China), high and low voltage protection (South Korean), steel (Japan). It is in particular for small and medium enterprises, the group hotels, living quarters, personal investment to establish water storage station and self feeding point.


1.RO Pure water treatment plant is for producing drinking water, Pharmaceutical Factory, foods factory, beverage factory, fruit& vegetable factory etc. The machine is integrated into a group; the assembly and transportation are rather convenient.
2.It's simply operation and has long lifespan.
3.Main components: RO membrane (USA DOW)
4.High pressure pump: Danmark Grundfos
5.Electricity conduction meter
6.Over high or over low pressure protection facilities
7.304 Stainless steel (Stainless Steel 316L is available)


1)Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
We are a manufacturer. We have two plants ACHLOR CHEMICAL LTD. and ACHLOR DONGE LTD.,
2) What is the production capacity ?
TCCA 30000 Ton/year SDIC 10000 Ton/year
3)What's your delivery time?
3weeks after we received deposit

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