Ozone Water Generator Air Cleaner Purifier Strong Purification

  • Ozone Water Generator Air Cleaner Purifier Strong Purification
  • Ozone Water Generator Air Cleaner Purifier Strong Purification
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  • ISO,CE
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  • US $1,300-1,800/ Ton
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white tablet(2g 20g 200g) powder or granular

Available chlorine %




PH (1% water solution)


Melting Point


Solubility(25℃ water)(g/100ml)


Solubility(25℃ acetone)(g/100ml)





Q1:What are our advantages?
A: As manufacturer, quality can be guaranteed for sure.
B: Also we can quote competitive price to help you development your native market.
C: We have expert export operator with rich export experience to find solution for your import or sales or product questions. 
D:Lead time can be guaranteed. We use environment-friendly machine and built in  chemical industrial park, so we meet the requirements of environmental protection and have all licenses allowed by government.
E:We have complete production and packing lines. We can produce/pack by customer required.
F: Our TCCA and SDlC have excellent quality and performance. We contracted reliable suppliers forraw material and implemented strict quality control policy. Our powder excels in whiteness andstable chlorine content. Our granular is even and less powdery. Our tablets always maintainsufficient hardness and long-lasting performance.

Q2:Can I get free sample?
Yes,  after our negotiation, we can prepare the samples you required. 

Q3: What's your delivery time?
10-30 day depend on the product, package, quantity. 

Q4:What documents can you provide?
Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of loading, COA , CO, MSDS, Form E, ECFA, ClQ, Embassy certificate. If your markets have any special requirements or need SGS report, we can cooperate.

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