White Powder or Granule Anionic PAM Flocculant for Water Purification

  • White Powder or Granule Anionic PAM Flocculant for Water Purification
  • White Powder or Granule Anionic PAM Flocculant for Water Purification
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  • US $10,000-25,000/ Set
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Adjustable range 20%-100%
Cooling way Air Cooling
Ozone output 10g 20g 30g 40g 50 g/hr
Material Ceramic Tube
Commodity Ozone Water Purifier
Size 460*390*840mm
Timer 0-30 mins or working continuously
Functions clean, Detoxication, Remove Odor...


How To Use ?


1. Before use this machine, put it in a stable flat place which can hold its weight.

2. Use the power equipped with the machine;

3. The machine use for air purification, firstly attach the silicone tube into the

ozone outlet and then turn on the power;

4. Set the timer and then come out ozone, and put the tube into the room.

5. When use for room air purification, it requires nobody is present , after 30

minutes people can walk into the room.

6. If use for water treatment, the air stone should be attached into the silicone

tube and put into the water.

7. Attention, the machine should be placed higher than the water, incase that the water reflux occur.


Ro Water Purifier Machine Advantages:


1) highly automatic

2).No need the chemical regeneration,easy operation

3).RO system choose the import USA DOW membrane

4).Automatic switch on when low raw water level,and switch off when high pure water level

5).RO membrane can backwash automatic and reduce the pollution.

6).Water shortage protection for high pump

7).Low operation Cost and Long life span

8).Easily control and Maintained.

9).Auto membrane flushing

10).Environmental protection, Low power consumption

11) Auto flush/backwash

12) Low /high pressure protection


our services:

We have more than 12 years producing experience and our engineer has been in this industry for more than 20 years. We can provide high-quality goods and after-sales and site test service for you.

Provide needed water treatment chemicals

Provide needed technical guidance

Provide site test


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