New Arrival Industrial Grade Price Cerium Zirconium Oxide

  • New Arrival Industrial Grade Price Cerium Zirconium Oxide
  • New Arrival Industrial Grade Price Cerium Zirconium Oxide
  • shandong
  • ISO
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  • US $10,000-25,000/ Set
  • L/C,T/T
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Product Introduction

Our activated carbon is made of high quality anthracite under strictly controlled conditions. Different activated carbon adopt different technology and can meet customers' different requirements.

Application of the coal-based activated carbon:

  1. Granular activated carbon is widely used in purification of drinking water, industrial water and waste water depth (electronic water treatment plant, pigment chemical water treatment, food factory, pharmaceutical factory water treatment, and sewage plant biological carrier, seawater aquaculture breeding, power plant boiler by brackish water chlorine root treatment, good treatment effect);
    2. In the gas adsorption, suitable for a variety of gas separation, purification, purification (such as automobile exhaust, industrial toxic and harmful gases, waste incineration exhaust gas treatment, plant air purification, etc.);
    3. Coal granular activated carbon can be used for organic solvent recovery (mainly used for carbon tetrachloride and other organic solvent recovery);
    4. In the manufacturing industry, coal granular activated carbon for sugar, monosodium glutamate, medicine, alcohol, beverages in refining, bleaching and deodorization in;
    5. Precious metal refining;
    6. Chemical industry in the catalyst and catalyst carrier.
    Seven, the football field, golf course, soil improvement and other projects.

1, activated carbon in the transport process, prevent and hard material mixed, can not tread, to prevent carbon particles broken, affecting the quality of.
2, storage should be stored in the porous adsorbent, so the transport storage and use of the process, must absolutely prevent flooding, due to flooding, a lot of water is full of activity in the gap, it lost its effect.
3, to prevent the tar substances during use, should be prohibited tar substances into the activated carbon bed, to prevent blockage of the activated carbon gap, loss of adsorption, preferably decoking gas purification equipment.
4, fire activated carbon in storage or transportation to prevent direct contact with fire, in order to prevent fire, activated carbon regeneration to avoid into oxygen and complete regeneration, regeneration must be steam cooling down to 80 DEG C below, or high temperature, in case of oxygen, activated carbon combustion.


Product Package
700g fiber ball per plastic bag, then 1pc plastic bag per white box.

20GP container can load 2100boxes and 40Q container can load 5040boxes.


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