Bulk Coal Based Columnar Activated Carbon Pellet for Air Purification and Waste Water Treatment

  • Bulk Coal Based Columnar Activated Carbon Pellet for Air Purification and Waste Water Treatment
  • Bulk Coal Based Columnar Activated Carbon Pellet for Air Purification and Waste Water Treatment
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  • $220.00-$300.00/ Ton
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Product Description

Activated carbon is a form of carbon proceessed to have small, low-volume pores that increase the surface area for adsorption. Our Activated Carbon products use high quality Indonesia coconutshell  as raw material, produced under the process of Shellselection - Drying - Crushing - Charing - Activation - Superheated steam catalysis - Packaging.

Characterstics :

1.Good effect. After the advanced treatment of municipal sewage with activated carbon, BOD can be reduced by 99%, and TOC can reach 1-3mg/L.

2.Wide application range. High CTC activated carbon pellets can absorb most organic substances in waste water, including difficult to degrade microorganism.

3.Strong adaptability. Pellet activated carbon can adapt different working condition to deal with different impurities.

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