chlorine used for water purification

Disinfection with Chlorine | Public Water Systems | DrinkingChlorination is the process of adding chlorine to drinking water to disinfect it and kill germs. Different processes can be used to achieve safe levels of chlorine in drinking water. Chlorine is available as compressed elemental gas, sodium hypochlorite solution (NaOCl) or solid calcium hypochlorite (Ca(OCl)2 1chlorine as disinfectant for water - LenntechChlorine is one of the most commonly used disinfectants for water disinfection. chlorine gas is only used for large municipal and industrial water purification Description of the Process - Chlorinated Drinking-WaterIt is also active for other purposes associated with water treatment and supply, such as One of the first reported uses of chlorination for the disinfection of water Chlorination | Water Purification | Chlorine - WaterProfessionalsChlorine has been used for over a century as a primary water disinfectant and is largely responsible for elimination of water-borne diseases such as typhoid and Types of Chlorine Used in Water Treatment – Pure WaterThe most common use of chlorine in water treatment is to disinfect water. As a disinfectant, it has drawbacks, but it also has advantages. Other methods of Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water | Ground Water andSep 7, 2017 - Disinfect water using household bleach, if you can't boil water. Only use regular, unscented chlorine bleach products that are suitable for Chlorination of Drinking Water - Water Research CenterWater used for drinking and cooking should be free of pathogenic (disease causing) When combined with filtration, chlorination is an excellent way to disinfect Drinking Water Chlorination: A Review of DisinfectionDrinking water chlorination and filtration have helped to virtually eliminate these Regardless of the primary disinfection method used, water systems must What is Chlorination? — Safe Drinking Water FoundationJan 23, 2017 - Today, chlorination is the most popular method of disinfection and is used for water treatment all over the world. Why do we Chlorinate our water?