Organic Microbial Bacteria Amino Acid Fertilizer

  • Organic Microbial Bacteria Amino Acid Fertilizer
  • Organic Microbial Bacteria Amino Acid Fertilizer
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Product Description

Parameter Specification (%) Source
Total Nitrogen(N)% 6.0 Amino Acid +Organic matter
Total amino acid 12.0 Amino acid
Trace elements 4 Cu,Zn, Mn ,Mg Mo
Others 1

Appearance  Brown liquid Qualified


l.It can act as a supplement to chemical fertilizers. Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus will be produced naturally by the microorganisms, so few soil amendments will need to be added. Reduce the costs towards the use of chemical fertilizers, increasing crop yield.
2.Stimulate plant growth through increased root formation and the absorption of the nutrition.
3.Activate the soil biologically by stimulating nitrogen fixation and symbiotic plant-microorganism interaction, restoring natural soil fertility through the production of organic material, so as to improve soil structure, texture, and aeration and increasing the soil’s water-holding capacity.
4.Eco-friendly (Decomposed from organic substance, and does not contain harmful chemicals.)
5.Provide protection against drought and some soil borne diseases through natural anti-microbial and anti-plant pathogen activity of beneficial microorganisms
6.It can be used as fertilizer on farmland or in the garden.

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