Top Quality Best Selling Pharmaceutical Raw Materials (CAS 54639-48-4)

  • Top Quality Best Selling Pharmaceutical Raw Materials (CAS 54639-48-4)
  • Top Quality Best Selling Pharmaceutical Raw Materials (CAS 54639-48-4)
  • <>54639-48-4)
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Product Information:

This product is a kind of light yellow powder, fully dissolved, which is an ideal low-cost high-quality protein supplement
The content of protein is 105-110%, 40-60% higher than that of soybean, and the total amount of amino acid is more than 40%
It can partly replace high protein raw materials such as fish meal and soybean meal in feed, and its main characteristics are as follows: amino acid Qi
It is easy to decompose and absorb in animal body, and its nutritional effect is better than that of cake. Add feed to feed
The compound amino acid powder of material grade can partly replace the bean cake, peanut cake and fish meal, which can increase the production by 4-10%,
The protein content is high, the protein molecule is small, and the digestibility is over 95%.


(1)It has abundant nutrient and long fertilizer efficiency. It can promote the healthy growth of plants stably and continuously.
(2)Activate the soil nutrients and improve the fertilizer using ratio.
(3)Improve the soil structure. Strengthen the water conservation and fertilizer conservation ability.
(4)Strengthen the plants' ability of stress resistance, disease resistance and drought resistance. Prevent plant diseases and insect pests. Lower the production cost.
(5) Reduce farmland pollution. Lower the nitrate and heavy metal content in the soil.
(6) Improve the plant quality and yield.

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